Books by J.Richard Gentry

The following titles represent the latest works by best-selling author, J. Richard Gentry. A former elementary teacher and university professor, Gentry has lectured and conducted workshops on literacy and spelling throughout the world.

pic Raising Confident Readers How to teach your child
to Read and Write, from Baby to Age 7

"We all know the importance of reading aloud to our children, but beyond that, how do kids really learn to read? Why should you jump-start the process before formal instruction in school begins? How do drawing and early writing fit into the literacy picture, and what can you do to encourage them? How can you recognize and intervene if your child's literacy skills are not developing normally?
In this empowering guide, Dr. J. Richard Gentry describes how to teach reading before your child enters kindergarten and how to monitor progress once your child is in school. He offers parents an easy-to-understand program outlining the five phases of kids' literacy development, with age- and stage-appropriate activities that make reading and writing fun. Raising Confident Readers is essential reading for every parent who wants their child to succeed in school and be a lifelong learner."
Paperback, 256 pages, ISBN: 0738213977 (July 2010)
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pic Step-by-Step Assessment Guide to Code Breaking:
Pinpoint Young Students' Reading Development and Provide Just-Right Instruction

"A classroom-based, child-centered assessment for tracking step-by-step progress in reading, writing, and spelling with reproducible assessment forms. Drawing on major new insights in brain research, Gentry shows how reading and writing develop in five phases-children progress from no knowledge of the alphabet to an understanding of phonics chunks-providing a blueprint for instruction. Once you understand a child's phase of development, you know exactly what kind of instruction they need to move forward. The assessment guide and DVD show you how to easily identify a child's phase of development, set reasonable expectations for growth, and select from the instructional techniques Gentry provides to best help every student become a successful reader and writer."--Scholastic.com
Paperback, 64 pages, includes a DVD (57 minutes)
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pic Breakthrough in Beginning Reading and Writing:
The Evidence-Based Approach to Pinpointing Students' Needs and Delivering Targeted Instruction

"Drawing on major new insights in brain research, Gentry shows how reading and writing develop in five phases-from operations with no letter knowledge to understanding of phonics chunks-that provide the blueprint for instructional approaches. The book enables teachers to identify a child's phase of development, set reasonable expectations for growth, and select the methods that will move each child forward." --Scholastic.com
Paperback, 128 pages, includes a DVD (57 minutes)
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pic Assessing Early Literacy with Richard Gentry:
Five Phases, One Simple Test

"Richard Gentry understands what every teacher knows about early literacy assessment: that to be useful, an assessment instrument must reveal more than how well a student is reading or writing-it's got to show what instructional direction the results indicate. Literacy develops in five recognizable phases, progressing predictably from one stage to the next, but many assessment systems aren't sensitive enough to recognize which phase a child has reached, nor sophisticated enough to offer ideas on how to move ahead. So Gentry created a kit to demonstrate an efficient, easy, and accurate way to see students' literacy development with new eyes and unrivaled clarity. His method works, and the information it gives you will support a differentiated vision of every student's progress toward literacy.
The Monster Test is a "thumbprint" test that can help you accurately identify a child's level of early literacy development in reading, writing, and spelling."
Paperback, 80 pages, includes a DVD (February 2007)
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pic Breaking the Code
"In his most important book to date, Gentry combines cutting-edge, brain-based research with sound classroom knowledge to explore early literacy development. Starting with the crucial interrelationship of reading and writing, he looks inside and out at the minds of emerging readers to find out how they construct the idea and process of reading. Then he presents a blueprint for instruction and early intervention that combines his new findings with best-practice teaching. His comprehensive instructional model focuses on building the specific skills, capacities, and experiences kids need by teaching them to write as they learn to read. Gentry gives you everything you need to implement successful beginning reading strategies as well as a variety of effective tips for supporting readers and writers throughout the primary grades."--Heinemann.com
Paperback, 208 pages (January 2006)
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pic The Science of Spelling
"Once again, Richard Gentry revolutionizes how you think about spelling instruction. The Science of Spelling breaks down preconceptions and misconceptions about how kids learn to spell, making startling new connections between orthography and literacy. Think that reading builds strong spellers? Through up-to-the-moment research, Gentry reveals that the opposite is true, that children use early spelling cognition to break the reading code. In fact, you'll discover that spelling is no longer a sidebar of writing and revision instruction, but a crucial strategy for teaching every aspect of literacy to all readers and writers." --Heinemann.com > Paperback, 176 pages (September 2004)
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pic The Literacy Map (4-6)
How many books should your students read during their fourth-grade year? What should fifth-grade writing look like and how should it differ from fourth-grade or sixth grade writing? Is there one best way to teach spelling.
The Literacy Map: Guiding Children to Where They Need to Be (4-6) answers each of these questions and more in this clear, practical research-based synthesis of the best teaching practices in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. J. Richard Gentry, Ph.D. offers efficient measures to assure that your students' literacy journeys to the next grade are successful.
Paperback, 204 pages (April 2002)
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pic The Literacy Map (K-3)
What if you only had to ask 37 or fewer questions to establish a map --a literacy map-- to accurately assess your students' literacy competencies? What if these questions could be answered quickly and easily by both looking at your students' writings and observing students in classroom activity? The criteria for balanced literacy development for grades K-3 are mapped out in this guide for teachers. It includes end-of-year benchmarks for students in kindergarten through the third grade, and provides accessible and practical measures to assure that students are ready for success at the next grade level.
"Richard Gentry's Literacy Map is a concise guide for the teaching of reading and writing in the primary classroom. He has included many excellent literacy assessments followed by clear examples of what to do with the results of these assessments. All his recommended teaching practices are easy to implement, require few "extra" materials, and are not program-specific. The book is divided by grade level, making it easy to locate what is appropriate for the reader's grade level. Gentry makes a clear case for the reciprocity of reading and writing, as well as acknowledging the importance of using assessment to guide instruction."--Amazon.com
Paperback, 174 pages (August 1999)
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pic My Kid Can't Spell
"My Kid Can't Spell is a readable and accessible handbook for parents who want to play a more active role in their children's reading, writing, and spelling development. Spelling, after all, impacts virtually every aspect of reading and writing, and it is the key to unlocking literacy. But helping your child with spelling can be confusing. When is the right time to correct misspelled words? How can you help your child move to the next level of development? What are the important underlying concepts to reinforce?"--Heinemann.com
"There are plenty of books on spelling instruction for teachers, but what about parents who want to play a more active role in their children's education? In this book Richard Gentry offers timely and practical guidance that every parent can use."--Amazon.com
Paperback, 100 pages (December 1996) $9.72 :Buy from Amazon.com

pic Spel... is a Four-Letter Word
In his first book, Richard Gentry shares his personal story of how he became interested in finding out how people learn to spell. Using personal experiences with some of his students, Gentry examines common myths about spelling. Spel... is a Four-Letter Word laid the foundation of the Gentry theory on spelling, writing, and reading. He concludes that spelling need not be "offensive to children", but can and should be a fun learning experience.
"Often spelling is taught in a way offensive to children, which creates a set of false dichotomies that prejudice them against spelling. Spel... Is a Four-Letter Word is devoted to helping teachers and parents to teach spelling as part of the reading-writing process." --Heinemann.com
"When you have an hour, why not read this book? It's well written and interesting and certainly has an important message for primary teachers." --Amazon.com
Paperback, 56 pages (December 1987) $13.00 : Buy from Amazon.com