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Dr J. Richard Gentry has been recognized as being on the cutting edge of  teacher professional development and training for 4 decades. His workshops have been attended by tens of thousands of teachers from across the country and around the world. Known as the Spelling Guru of America  and one of this nation's leading literacy experts, Gentry's workshops offer teachers and administrators the tools they need in the classroom to be successful.


Gentry workshops are customized to fit the needs and goals of each school district or audience where he presents. His sessions are constantly being updated with new and valuable information gathered either from his own in-depth research or from collaborators with whom he works.


Whether it is Spelling, Writing, Reading, Dyslexia training or some combination of all, Dr. Gentry's experience and research based approach will provide teachers and administrators as well as parents a thorough and easy to understand presentation in these complex areas of literacy education.


Four of his most requested sessions are listed here in detail, and again, all can be customized to meet each clients needs and desires.


Date:  October 10, 2018

Time: 8:30 - 3:30

Lunch on your own

Location: IU 12

                  65 Billerbeck Street

                  New Oxford, PA 17350

For more information:

Kasey Smith

(717) 624-6527




Kid Writing in the 21st Century Seminar with Dr.  J. Richard Gentry

$55 per person

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Gentry Professional

 Staff Development