"Teachers teach because they care. Teaching young people is what they do best. It requires long hours, patience, and care."

-Horace Mann

pic Bonnie Gentry's first grade class.
Richard Gentry has a passion for eduction and for teachers. A former elementary teacher himself, he
comes from a long line of teachers in his family who inspired and guided him in the importance of
obtaining an education and educating others.

The Gentry Educators

Grandfather: Sol O'briant had one room school house in Person County North Carolina
Grandmother: Rosa O'briant Gentry was the youngest teacher to be commissioned in North Carolina
Uncle: Thomas Gentry Was Richard's Elementary School Principal and his eight-grade teacher
Father: Bradsher Gentry was the Chairman of the Person County Board of Education during the time
when the Richard enter the new Roxboro High School
Mother: Bonnie Gentry was Richard's first grade teacher
Richard: Being the first in his family to obtain a Ph.D in education, Richard carries on the legacy of being a teacher, first as an elementary teacher and then as a university professor and now as an educational consultant and author of books for teachers.

pic The job of teaching is not only one of the most important vocations, it is also one of the most difficult.
Richard Gentry's focus has been to support teachers with the guidance, techniques, and tools
necessary for them to do their job.

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