Best 21st Century Practices

for Kid Writing in

Kindergarten and First Grade



Intended Audience:

Kindergarten—Grade 8:

  • Administrators,
  • Classroom Teachers,
  • Special Ed Teachers,
  • Staff Developers


Session time is flexible; full day recommended; may be extended to 2 days or more

Short Abstract:

What are the best practices for developing emerging writers (and readers!) in kindergarten and first grade? This power packed hands-on workshop brings kid writing into the 21st century.

  • See what best-practice kid writing classrooms look like in an academic play-based setting supported by the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology.
  • See what exemplary teachers love doing to create transformational writing and beginning reading programs.

Program Description:

Phase Observation and Kid Writing treat literacy as global development based on how children process reading and writing rather than testing and teaching skills in isolation. The spotlight is on formative assessment and targeted teaching allowing for more input from the teacher for monitoring each child’s literacy development and improving student outcomes in order to align with district and state requirements and common formative assessment expectations.


Learning Objectives:

  • Participants learn how to get started with Writing Workshop.

Step One:     Draw-Your-Story or Draw-Your-information

Step Two:     Kid Writing – Guided Phonics-Based Spelling

     -Stretching Through with a Moving Target

     -The Magic Line

     -Kid Crowns

Step Three:   Adult Writing:  Teacher Publishing for Reading and Rereading

Step Four:     Focused Mini-Lessons, High Frequency Words, Handwriting

Step Five:      Quick Share

Step Six:        Publication for motivation and success


  • Participants are trained in five research-based phases of beginning literacy development with targeted instruction for 1) meaning-based developmental writing, and 2) sounds and spelling including the following strategies:
  • At the end of the workshop the participants will take the following essential strategies back into their classrooms:

Resource (Just released May 2017):

Feldgus, E., Cardonick, I., & Gentry, J.R.(2017).

Kid Writing in the 21st Century:

A Systematic Approach to

Phonics, Spelling, and

Writing Workshop.

Los Angeles, CA: (Hameray Publishing Group)


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Kid Writing in the 21st Century

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