Dylexia Workshop

Understanding and Overcoming Dyslexia—the Number 1 Learning Disability

“I’m a passionate advocate for children and adults with dyslexia: I have overcome dyslexia myself. By sharing my own compelling story along with hundreds of others, you get an eyewitness account of dyslexia from preschool to adulthood and what can be done about it.” Richard Gentry


Dyslexia is now recognized as the nation’s number one learning disability. One in five children may have dyslexia causing them to struggle with reading and spelling. Every teacher likely has at least one or two dyslexic children in his or her classroom today. This 2022-23 academic year up-to-date session helps participants understand, identify, and overcome reading and spelling problems associated with dyslexia


Content includes the following:

  • common misconceptions
  • answers to frequently asked questions
  • the classic early warning signs and interventions
  • warning signs in elementary and middle school and how to intervene
  • warning signs in high school, college, and adulthood—what to do about it
  • how to better accommodate dyslexics in the regular classroom
  • help for parents


Preschool—Adult: Administrators, Classroom Teachers, Special Ed Teachers, Staff Developers, Parents

Podcast Tease: Dr. Gentry was interviewed by Melissa and Lori Love Literacy Podcast. The interview concerned itself with Dr. Gentry’s personal story of overcoming Dyslexia and what schools can and should be doing to help students with dyslexia. Listen to the full podcast at literacypodcast.com, Episode 127.