The “Why,” “What,” and “How,” of Kid Writing

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“This workshop is based on 21st century tried and true evidence-based techniques developed over decades of extraordinary success in Dr. Eileen Feldgus and Isabell Cardonick’s kindergarten and first grade classrooms. They teamed with me to co-author Kid Writing in the 21st Century (Hameray, 2017), a resource book for the training. Kid Writing is a joyful effective writing-to-read approach enabling virtually all kids to read and write with independence, automaticity and fluency by the end of first grade and be ready for literacy success in Grade 2 and beyond.” Richard Gentry


Built upon a 21st-century evidence base encompassing educational research, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience, this workshop will enhance all K-2 teachers’ classroom practices throughout their teaching career. 

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Take away a wealth of information including:

  • how to jump right into an engaging, effective and fun kid writing workshop
  • sample schedules and classroom management
  • integrated skills lessons for all foundational skills
  • how to collect data, monitor progress and assess development
  • great ideas for genre and content area writing
  • and much more!


K-Grade 2 Teachers

My Goals

  • To respect your challenges
  • To show you what works well for kid writing word study according to science
  • To reinforce what you are doing right but also to give you specific word study strategies that have been shown to be effective.

Professional Staff Development

Gentry brings in-depth knowledge and functional expertise that comes with 40+ years of experience.

Focusing your students needs.